Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Certification

Our American Red Cross certified instructors will be offering courses in
“Water Safety Instructor (WSI)”

Description:  The Water Safety Instructor course certifies individuals to become swimming instructors and allows them to teach Red Cross swimming, diving and water safety programs.  This course will help you teach skills that may save a life, gain terrific work experience as an aquatics professional, earn money or join a volunteer team while you help people learn valuable skills. In addition you will learn organizational and presentation skills that will help you in any career and make a difference in people’s lives

Dates/Locations: DATES TIMES LOCATION Max People
October 2
October 4
October 9
October 11
4:10pm – 10pm
4:10pm – 10pm
4:10pm – 10pm
4:00pm – 10pm
Montgomery High School
Montgomery, NJ
October 18
October 23
October 25
November 1
Montgomery High School
Montgomery, NJ

>  Must be 16 years old on the final day of the course

>  Must complete online portion of course before first day of class (our instructor will contact you about this after you register)

>  Must complete the pre-course session on day 1, including:

– 25 yards front crawl
– 25 yards back crawl
– 25 yards breastroke
– 25 yards elementary backstroke
– 25 yards sidestroke
– 15 yards butterfly
– Tread water for one minute
– Float on back at surface for 1 minute

Requirements: Must bring:

  • Water Safety Instructor Manual TEXTBOOK  (r.2014)
  • Swimming and Water Safety Participant TEXTBOOK (r.2014)

If you do not have the required items, be sure to bring cash to the training in order to purchase the items. Prices are:

**You may print your own textbook or bring a digital copy of it with you on a tablet, but you MUST have a textbook on day one. If you can not print it or download it to a tablet, you MUST buy it on day one of the class


Sign Up: To sign up, you must register through Montgomery Township recreation department: 

(609) 466-3023

Rec Program Registration

NOTE: Refunds will NOT be given to anyone who does not show up for their registered class or fails their class for any reason.


Valid For:

  • 2 calendar years if no classes are run
  • If you run and submit a course to ARC, WSI cert will be automatically renewed (email cjpoolmanagment@gmail.com for more details)
  • All authorizations expire on Dec 31 of each year
  • Initial authorization may be for less or more time depending on when training is completed

Email Chris at cjpoolmanagement@gmail.com