Partial Management Package

Below is a brief outline of what this package would include at most clubs. ALL packages can be individually modified and changed depending on the needs of your club. Please contact Chris for clarification on package and pricing!

Certified Pool Operator

  • As required by New Jersey Bather Code Law, your regional manager would act as the Certified Pool Operator for your swim club throughout the operating season
  • Your Certified Pool Operator would be at your club for a minimum of 8 hours per week to train second manager, as well as weekly evaluation of chemical balances, safety checks, board of health compliance, general maintenance and staff supervision
    • Certified as a CPO for 10 consecutive years
    • Pool manager for over 11 years
    • State of NJ Certified Teacher for secondary education (High School Teacher for 6 years)
    • American Red Cross Lifeguarding instructor for 9 years
    • Trained and certified in:
      • NSPF Aquatic Risk Management
      • NSPF Emergency Response Planning
      • NSPF Aquatic Facility Audits

Management of Pool Facility

    • At most facilities, one manager will be provided by CJPM and will manage the facility 2 days per week
    • Manager will be assigned to be on site during normal operational hours during their working days to oversee staff and run daily operations
    • Manager will be fully certified in the following courses:
      • American Red Cross Lifeguard Management Training
      • American Red Cross Lifeguarding
      • American Red Cross CPR/AED for Lifeguards
      • American Red Cross First Aid
  • DUTIES (very brief outline of key duties):
    • Oversee all daily operations of facility
    • Supervision and direction of lifeguards
    • Creation of daily staffing schedule
    • Respond to any and all emergency situations
    • Ensure completion of all opening/down/closing duties
    • Respond appropriately to all patron inquires, suggestions and issues
    • Incident documentation
    • Many other misc. duties
    • Manager will be required to take part in both in service trainings tailored specifically for swim club
    • Manager will be required to wear uniform clearly designating them as staff each day
    • Manager will be formally and informally evaluated at different points in the season
    • Sporadic in season evaluations will be conducted based on managers on duty performance
    • End of season written evaluations will be completed for all staff members

Training of Second Manager

  • Certified Pool Operator will train a second manager (selected by Swim Club)
  • Second manager will work 5 of 7 days per week
  • Second manager will be required to attend a pre-season training of American Red Cross Lifeguard Management (course will be run by CJPM)
  • CPO will be on site a minimum of 8 hours per week (when pool is open full time) or 4 hours per week (when pool is open in limited capacity) to train second manager on all aspects of managing swim club

In Service Trainings

  • 2 In service trainings will be run at swim club for all staff members during the season
  • Lack of in service trainings is one of the leading causes for many guard errors and consequently, guilty verdicts against swim clubs in many legal cases
  • This proactive approach will ensure guards and managers are fully prepared and ready to respond properly to emergencies at the facility

American Red Cross certification courses

  • Certification and Recertification courses can be run specifically for your swim clubs guards at the facility
  • Guards/managers would be charged a reduced rate for certification courses run by us

Aquatic Supervision Plan

  • An in depth Aquatic Supervision Plan (ASP) will be created specifically for Coppermine
  • ASP is required as per NJ Board of Health regulations
  • ASP will include (but is not limited to) the following
    • Evacuation plans
    • Emergency Procedures (lightening, blood in pool, etc)
    • Pump room instructions
    • Facility Diagrams
    • Operational Hours
    • Staffing Plans
    • Equipment Lists/Locations
    • Digital pictures of Coppermine’s specific equipment and structures

Facility Safety Audit

  • All pools operate with an inherent amount of risk. One of our key goals is to reduce this risk as much as possible. We will perform a risk assessment for your club to determine where your most liable areas are and then provide the board with a written report of all findings and recommendations

Emergency Action Plans

  • Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) will be developed specifically for Glen Ridge Swim Club and will include the rescue chain of response for a variety of specific emergency scenario’s
  • EAP’s will be posted at facility


  • Board of Health pre-inspection will be conducted by CPO and all issues will be addressed before board of health conducts their inspection
  • Board of Health inspection will be scheduled by CJPM
  • Application for board of health license will be completed by CJPM (license fee not included)
  • 24/7 phone contact to CPO will be provided for all Glen Ridge Board Members and staff
  • General in season maintenance and repairs to facility and pump room will be included (labor is included, cost of parts are not)
  • 10 emergency visits for any facility issues will be included (labor is included, cost of parts are not)
  • Contact organization/phone lists will be created and distributed to necessary parties